Sunday, February 24, 2013

Episode 2 - The One with The Squee and The Swag

*NOTE: New camera! Blip denial. :( But Vimeo is in!*

What’s OFF the needles (YAY!) – Devon by Cookie A (Sock Innovation). BMF STR Lightweight in Knitters without Borders Size 1 ½ 2.5 mm Addi Turbos.

What’s on the needles still -  Vilai by Cookie A. BMF STR Lightweight in Titania Size 1 2.25 mm Hiya Hiya needles

What’s on the Nails & Nail Swag Combining both the swag portion and the what’s on the nails portion. Got intro box as a Julep maven.  (Julep Lisa, Petra, and essential cuticle oil)

still figuring it out…will look for tutorials.

Doing Julep Lisa with one coat and Nicole by OPI top coat plus and Seche Vitae as the two top coats. We’ll see.

What I was wearing… Damson by Ysolda Teague in Malabrigo Sock yarn Botticelli Red.

Stitches West Swag!Came back from amazing convention. Spent little less than budgeting and kept with my goals 1. go with a dyer don’t have and 2. more variety.

Some peeps I talked about: 
Skeindalous Yarns:
Slipped Stitch Studios:
Delicious Yarns: (they apparently do NOT have an online store…)
Pawley Studios:
Miss Bab’s Yarn:

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Podcast Schedule

Hey guys! Just wanted to let everyone know that this week I will be posting a podcast Sunday afternoon. This is to accommodate Stitches West. You must be able to see all the new stash enhancements, right? I will also have some new nail swag to show off as well.


Sunday, February 17, 2013

Rescue Beauty: Catherine from The Wives of Henry VIII Line

Here are better representations of my nails. Now, to note: I am not a professional and I am still learning.

Again, this is Rescue Beauty Lounge in the Catherine color from The Wives of Henry VIII. I believe it is still available, or it may be in her BIB selection (the out-of-stock colors that are too popular to let it die out).

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Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Beginning!

Part 1 (because I apparently can't figure out checkmarks)

Part 2

Show Note
*  Introduction : Name is Jay. I'm a late 20’s San Francisco Bay area native work at law firm but dreams of one day living with books. Been knitting since 12 years old. Been obsessed with nails for 3. Wanted to do a podcast that merged my love for knits and my obsession of nails. And since I am a librarian, there will also be talk of books.

Format of podcast - The structure of it all. 

what I am knitting
        Vilai and Devon in Blue Moon Fiber Arts STR lightweight  by Cookie A Sock Innovation

       Travel Baktus scarf on Ravelry in Wollmeise 100 %

   * What’s on the nails: Rescue Beauty Catherine (the Wives of Henry the 8th)

   Rescue Beauty: pros & cons
       The nail "bible":

       The nail polish and blog site: 

      STITCHES WEST!!! Remember the 3 rules: 1. Hide the credit card 2. breathe and take a round and 3. Have fun!!!

     You can find me on Twitter at jay_crafty_geek and Ravelry at knitterlybooklady. I also decided to make a group too...because why not? Here is the link:
      You can also reach me with any questions at jaycraftygeek AT

     Thanks for watching! See you soon!