Saturday, March 16, 2013

Episode 4 - The One with the Um, the Pirate, and the Birds Walking into a Bar

What’s NOT on the needles - Vilai by Cookie A. BMF STR Lightweight in Titania Size 1 2.25 mm Hiya Hiya needles

What’s on the needles still -  
Bakktus Scarf Strikkelise US 2 in Wollmeise 100% in a pretty red color that makes me so happy!

Mona (Cookie A Knit. Sock. Love. in Pigeonroof Studios Original sock colorway Underworld on size 1.5/2.5 mm Addi turbos.

Wedge (Cookie A Knit. Sock. Love. in Little Red Bicycle Snowflake Sock colorway Cherry Blossom on size ½.25 mm Hiya Hiya Sharps.

What’s on the Nails – aEngland in Jane Eyre (part of their Gothic Beauties collection). Look familiar? he he. Nail Tek II for base and first top coat (must make the nails stronger!), two coats, then Julep Freedom Polymer top coat to make it oh so pretty and shellac-like.

Reminiscent of Jane Austen novels with countryside behaviors but modern twist (Muslim/Christian dualism), but still looking into relationships between family, others, etc.

Spiced: a pastry chef’s true stories of trials by fire, after-hours exploits, and what really goes on in the kitchen:

Fun memoir/expose about what really happens in restaurant kitchens. Fluffy fun, not really a brain teaser. If you enjoy reading memoirs/non-fiction and food, this is a good starter book.

 My wish List – None because I have been horrible these past few weeks. So we go on to…

The Parade of the Guilty Pleasures – Julep March Maven box: added on Teri & Freedom Polymer
Apparently Julep also gives Mavens a secret store…Spring Fling with Jennifer (duh…), Robin, and Gloria

Peninsula Beauty Source (love!) gives members one free nail polish in their birthday month.
So, got OPI Liquid Sand line in Stay the Night. I want to do what I’ve seen in Pinterest: putting a shiny top coat (even though takes away texture).

Couldn’t resist this one: Revlon Nail Art Expressionist: I foresee some dotting tool fun with this one.

Prize Drawing – You thought I forgot? Never!!!! BMFA STR Lightweight in Titania and Sinful Colors in Fiji. Random number generator and…
it’s number 4! lasknit2 (Lisa)! contact me and I’ll send your prize over! Yay!

Announcements – On Itunes. Yay!
Podcast schedule – because of space, will have to keep with the every other week schedule. Boo!

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